1. award for victory
  2. glory
  3. palm
  4. prize
  5. salvation

Phrases with the word palma

Synonyms for palma

  • diligoesteem highly, love, prize, to choose out, to value highly
  • doxaglory
  • gloriafame, glory, renown
  • lausfame, glory, praise
  • praemiumbooty, exploit, prize, profit, reward
  • premiumbooty, prize, profit, reward
  • salushealth, help or assistance, safety, salutation, salvation, well, wellness, wholeness
  • salutifersalvation
  • viaticusa journey, money, pertaining to a journey, prize

Similar to palma

  • palmariumexcellent, outstanding, splendid
  • pallensdrooping, pale, pale green, pale yellow, wan, weak
  • palleobe pale, be yellow
  • palliatacloaked
  • palliduscausing paleness, pale, wan
  • palliumany drapery, cloak, covering, coverlet, mantle, monk's garb, nun's veil, stole
  • pallorfading, paleness
  • palmulablade of an oar
  • palpitoshake, throb, tremble
  • palpocajole, carress, coax, flatter, stroke, to feel one's way