1. almost
  2. nearly

Synonyms for paene

  • fereabout, almost, generally, nearly, not quite, well
  • fermeabout, almost
  • penealmost, nearly
  • propeclosely, just now, near, near to, nearly, not far, not far from, not long from now

Similar to paene

  • paecipioadmonish, instruct, teach, to warn
  • paeniteobe repentant, cause to grieve, repent, to rue
  • benewell
  • maneearly, early in the morning, morning
  • necneor not
  • penealmost, nearly
  • planeclearly, plainly
  • saneindeed, rationally, really, sensibly, to be sure
  • aeturneeternally
  • benignegenerously, kindly