1. ease
  2. free time
  3. leisure
  4. peace
  5. repose

Synonyms for otium

  • levodiminish, ease, impair, lift up, polish, relieve, to raise, to smooth, weaken
  • pacificuspeace
  • pacispeace, treaty, truce
  • paxharmony in musical context, peace, treaty, truce
  • quiesa dream, a resting place, peace, quiet, repose, rest, sleep
  • relaxoease, enlarge, lighten, relax, to loosen
  • requiesrepose
  • requietumrepose, rest
  • silentiumobscurity, quiet, repose, silence, stillness

Similar to otium

  • odiumabhorrence, hatred
  • obedienterobediently
  • obedioto yield obedience to
  • obexbarrier
  • obiciothrow in someone's teeth, to offer
  • obiecithrow in someone's teeth, to offer
  • obiectumthrow in someone's teeth, to offer
  • obligatusbound, under an obligation
  • obliquoto turn sideways, turn aside
  • obliquusslanting