1. appear
  2. become visible
  3. birth
  4. origin
  5. rise
  6. rising
  7. source

Synonyms for ortus

  • appareoappear, manifest, to become visible
  • existoappear, arise, to become, to stand forth
  • exoriorappear, come forth, come forward, issue, spring up, to appear, to rise
  • exsistoappear, arise, be, exist, happen, take place, to emerge, to stand forth
  • exstoappear, be extant, project, show itself, to stand out
  • fonsfountain, fresh water, origin, source, spring
  • fontisfountain, fresh water, origin, source, spring
  • incunabulabirthplace, infancy, origin, source, swddling clothes
  • initiumbeginning, commencement, origin, start
  • jugumridge, rising

Similar to ortus

  • ornatusattire, dress, embellishment, equipment, ornament, to adornment
  • ordinatusarranged, orderly
  • orbiscircle, coil, disk, orb, orbit, ring, rotation, round, world
  • orbitaa wheel rut
  • orbitasbereavement, loss of children, loss of parents
  • orbusdeprived, deprived of children or parents, destitute, orphan
  • orcaa pot or jar
  • orchadisa type of olive
  • orchasa type of olive
  • orchestrasenators, theater space reserved for the Senate