1. a beginning
  2. initiative
  3. start
  4. to begin
  5. undertaking

Synonyms for orsus

  • coepioto begin, undertake
  • coeptoto begin, undertake
  • coeptumundertaking
  • commissumoffence, that which is entrusted, undertaking
  • conatuseffort, exertion, impulse, inclination, undertaking
  • exordiorto begin
  • incoharestart, start upon, to begin, turn to
  • incohostart, start upon, to begin, turn to
  • ineobegin, commence, go in, start, to begin, to enter, undertake
  • initiumbeginning, commencement, origin, start

Similar to orsus

  • orbiscircle, coil, disk, orb, orbit, ring, rotation, round, world
  • orbitaa wheel rut
  • orbitasbereavement, loss of children, loss of parents
  • orbusdeprived, deprived of children or parents, destitute, orphan
  • orcaa pot or jar
  • orchadisa type of olive
  • orchasa type of olive
  • orchestrasenators, theater space reserved for the Senate
  • orcusthe Lower World, whale
  • ordinariusaccording to order, ordinary, regular