1. accoutrement
  2. decorations
  3. distinction
  4. equipment
  5. furniture
  6. honor
  7. kit
  8. trappings
  9. weapons

Synonyms for ornamentum

  • apparatuseffort, equipment, exertion, gear, machinery, magnificence, splendor
  • armaarmaments, arms, weapons
  • decusdignity, honor, ornament
  • discretiodistinction
  • distinctusa distinguishing, apart, difference, different, distinction, separate
  • honoresteem, honor, official dignity or office, ornaments, public office
  • insigniterdistinction, distinguished, excellence, excellent, to be built on
  • mactoafflict, fight, glorify, honor, punish, slay, to magnify
  • ornatusattire, dress, embellishment, equipment, ornament, to adornment
  • paratusequipment, equipped, fitting out, preparation, prepared, ready, skilled

Similar to ornamentum

  • ornataadorned
  • ornateelegantly, ornately, splendidly
  • ornatusattire, dress, embellishment, equipment, ornament, to adornment
  • orbiscircle, coil, disk, orb, orbit, ring, rotation, round, world
  • orbitaa wheel rut
  • orbitasbereavement, loss of children, loss of parents
  • orbusdeprived, deprived of children or parents, destitute, orphan
  • orcaa pot or jar
  • orchadisa type of olive
  • orchasa type of olive