1. appropriately
  2. properly
  3. regularly

Phrases with the word ordine

Synonyms for ordine

  • decensbecoming, fittingly, graceful, properly, suitably
  • decenterbecomingly, fittingly, properly, suitably
  • honesteappropriately, properly, respectfully, suitably
  • ordinatimordinarily, regularly
  • ordinemappropriately, properly, regularly
  • proprieexclusively, particularly, peculiarly, properly

Similar to ordine

  • ordinariusaccording to order, ordinary, regular
  • ordinatimordinarily, regularly
  • ordinatioarrangment, government, order, regulation, rule
  • ordinatusarranged, orderly
  • ordinemappropriately, properly, regularly
  • ordiorstart, to begin
  • ordiristart, to begin
  • orbiscircle, coil, disk, orb, orbit, ring, rotation, round, world
  • orbitaa wheel rut
  • orbitasbereavement, loss of children, loss of parents