1. address
  2. oration
  3. prayer
  4. speech

Phrases with the word oratio

Synonyms for oratio

  • adicioaddress, apply, to direct, to throw to
  • affatusaddress, speech
  • afforaddress, to speak to
  • aggredioraddress, approach, attack, begin, to go to
  • colloquiumconference, speech
  • compelloaddress, collect, compel, force, speak to, to drive together, to to urge
  • deprecatioprayer
  • imploratioprayer
  • lingualanguage, speech, tongue
  • precatioprayer, praying

Similar to oratio

  • operatiowork
  • oraborder, boundary, clime, coast, country, district, edge, region, residents of a district, rim, sea
  • oraculuma solemn statement, oracle, prophecy, words of a god
  • orarepray
  • oratorambassador, envoy, orator, speaker, spokesman
  • oratorieoratorically
  • oratoriusoratorical, oratory
  • ratioaccount, consideration, judgment, manner, method, procedure, reason, reckoning, system, theory
  • obruodestroy, to overwhelm
  • odiodespite, dislike strongly, hold in contempt, to hate