1. disgrace
  2. opprobrium
  3. reproach

Synonyms for opprobrium

  • dedecusblemish, crime, disgrace, dishonor, dishonorable act, shame
  • infamodisgrace, to put to shame
  • insequorassail, attack, pursue, rebuke, reproach, to follow
  • labesblemish, disgrace, fall, infamy, misfortune, stain
  • labisblemish, disgrace, infamy, misfortune, stain
  • probrumabuse, reproach
  • ruborblush, disgrace, modesty, redeness, shame

Similar to opprobrium

  • oppidatowns
  • oppidumtown
  • opponobe opposite, oppose, to set against
  • opportunefitly, opportunely
  • opportunitasconvenience, fitness, opportunity, suitability, tage
  • opportunusconvenient, fit, liable to, meet, opportune, suitable
  • oppositumbe opposite, oppose, to set against
  • oppositusopposition
  • opposuibe opposite, oppose, to set against
  • oppressicheck, overpower, overwhelm, to suppress