1. becoming
  2. imper v
  3. it behooves
  4. it is fitting
  5. it is needful
  6. it is proper
  7. necessary
  8. one ought
  9. one should
  10. reasonable
  11. to assume it shall be

Synonyms for oportet

  • decensbecoming, fittingly, graceful, properly, suitably
  • decorusbeautiful, becoming, charming, decorated, elegant, fit, graceful, proper
  • licetalthough, granted that, imper v, it is allowed, it is right, just, one may or can
  • necessariusessential, necessary, needed, needful, things needed

Similar to oportet

  • oportunitasconvenience, fitness, opportunity, tage
  • obedienterobediently
  • obedioto yield obedience to
  • obexbarrier
  • obiciothrow in someone's teeth, to offer
  • obiecithrow in someone's teeth, to offer
  • obiectumthrow in someone's teeth, to offer
  • obligatusbound, under an obligation
  • obliquoto turn sideways, turn aside
  • obliquusslanting