1. conceal
  2. cover
  3. to hide

Synonyms for occulto

  • abdoconceal, hide, put away, remove
  • abscondoconceal, secrete, to hide
  • aspergocover, to sprinkle
  • celoconceal, keep secret, to hide
  • inducoanull, bring in, conduct, cover, decide, erase writing, induce, influence, introduce, lead, persuade, put on clothing, revoke, to bring, to lead, to lead in
  • obducocover, lead against, pass, spend, to draw over
  • obvolvocover, to muffle up, to wrap up
  • tectumbury, conceal, hide, protect, shelter, shield, to cover
  • tegobury, conceal, hide, protect, shield, to conceal, to cover
  • texibury, conceal, hide, protect, shield, to cover

Similar to occulto

  • occulcoto trample
  • occulteby stealth, in secret, secretly
  • occultusconcealed, hidden, secretly
  • occasiofavorable moment, opportunity
  • occasumfall down, to fall, to set
  • occasusdestruction, fall, setting, sunset, the west, west
  • occatioharrowing
  • occidifall down, to fall, to set
  • occidiomassacre, slaughter
  • occidofall down, to fall, to kill, to set