1. massacre
  2. slaughter

Synonyms for occidio

  • cruorblood, bloodshed, gore, murder, slaughter
  • cruorisbloodshed, gore, murder, slaughter
  • interimokill, slaughter, to slay
  • macellariusbutcher, slaughter
  • nexdeath, slaughter, violent death
  • stragesbloodbath, carnage, debris, massacre
  • trucidobutcher, massacre, slaughter, slay, to kill cruelly

Similar to occidio

  • occidifall down, to fall, to set
  • occidofall down, to fall, to kill, to set
  • occisormurderer
  • occasiofavorable moment, opportunity
  • occatioharrowing
  • occasumfall down, to fall, to set
  • occasusdestruction, fall, setting, sunset, the west, west
  • occludoclose off, shut up, to close
  • occulcoto trample
  • occulteby stealth, in secret, secretly