1. defend
  2. stand against
  3. to oppose

Phrases with the word obsto

Synonyms for obsto

  • asserodefend, to claim
  • contegodefend, protect, shield, to conceal, to cover
  • muniobuild a road, defend, protect, to fortify
  • patrocinordefend, patronize, support, to protect
  • sorfight back, resist, to oppose
  • vallodefend, to surround

Similar to obsto

  • obscoenafilthy, offensive
  • obscurumdarkness
  • obstaculumobstacle
  • obstinatusfirm, resolute, resolved, staunch
  • toattract, direct one's attention to, to turn towards
  • aptoapprove, be suitable, fit, proper, to fit
  • artoabrdiged, reduce, to press together
  • cantoto sing
  • captocatch at, desire, grab at, seek, strive after, to grab, to seize, try to get
  • certodispute, fight, settle, to contend, to settle by combat, to struggle