1. besiege
  2. frequent
  3. haunt
  4. invest
  5. to sit near

Synonyms for obsideo

  • claudobesiege, blockade, close, shut up, to confine
  • creberfrequent, numerous, thick
  • crebrafrequent, repeated
  • obsidobesiege, blockage, invest

Similar to obsideo

  • obsidobesiege, blockage, invest
  • obviomeet, to encounter
  • obdormioto fall asleep
  • obductiocovering
  • obtineokeep, maintain, possess, to continue, to gain, to hold
  • insideobe firmly placed, sit upon something
  • possideoabide, hold
  • resideobe left behind, sit up, to abide
  • obducocover, lead against, pass, spend, to draw over
  • obduroendure, hold out, last, persist, to be hard