1. covering

Synonyms for obductio

  • palliumany drapery, cloak, covering, coverlet, mantle, monk's garb, nun's veil, stole
  • tegmencovering
  • thecacase, covering, envelope
  • velamencovering, garment
  • velumawning, covering, curtain, sail
  • vestisblanket, carpet, clothing, covering, garment, tapestry

Similar to obductio

  • obviomeet, to encounter
  • obdormioto fall asleep
  • obsideobesiege, frequent, haunt, invest, to sit near
  • obtineokeep, maintain, possess, to continue, to gain, to hold
  • obducocover, lead against, pass, spend, to draw over
  • obduroendure, hold out, last, persist, to be hard
  • obfirmobar, fasten, lock, to bolt
  • objurgoattack, oppose, to fight
  • obnixeinstantly, with all one's strength
  • obnoxiusharmful, hostile