1. nourishment

Synonyms for nutrimentus

  • alimonianourishment
  • alimoniumessentials, food, nourishment, provisions
  • fomentumalleviation, nourishment, poultice
  • nutrimensfood, nourishment
  • victusfood, living, manner of life, nourishment, sustenance, victuals

Similar to nutrimentus

  • nutrimensfood, nourishment
  • nutriobring up, nourish, rear, to suckle
  • nutritorfeed, toraise
  • nutusa nod, a nodding, command, gravitation, movement down, nod, will
  • numendivine will
  • numeruscategory, class, number, total
  • nupernewly, not long ago, recently
  • nutodoubt, give way to, to falter in fidelity, waver in opinion
  • lenimentusalleviation, impreovement, mitigation
  • actusmoving through