1. bind
  2. fasten
  3. to fasten together
  4. to tie up

Synonyms for necto

  • compescorcheck, curb, hold in check, repress, restrain, to fasten together, to suppress
  • connectobind, to join
  • infigofasten, impress, to fix, to imprint
  • obfirmobar, fasten, lock, to bolt
  • pangoagree upon, drive in, fasten, hammer in, to fix, to pledge

Similar to necto

  • necand not, conj, neither nor, nor
  • necdumand not yet
  • necneor not
  • necnonand also
  • annectoto connect
  • connectobind, to join
  • subnectoto bind, to bind on beneath, to tie
  • toattract, direct one's attention to, to turn towards
  • aptoapprove, be suitable, fit, proper, to fit
  • artoabrdiged, reduce, to press together