1. but now
  2. certainly
  3. conj
  4. for
  5. for example
  6. for it is certain
  7. instance
  8. on the other hand
  9. surely

Synonyms for nam

  • autemalso, but, however, moreover, on the other hand
  • enimfor, in fact, indeed, truly
  • necand not, conj, neither nor, nor
  • nimirumcertainly, of course, undoubtedly
  • omninoaltogether, certainly, completely, entirely, wholly
  • quidemat least, certainly, in truth, indeed
  • quippecertainly, indeed, of course, to be sure
  • rursusagain, back, in return, on the other hand
  • scilicetassuredly, certainly, evidently, it is just, namely, no doubt, of course, rightly, that is to say
  • sivebut if, conj, if, on the one hand, or if

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