1. defenses
  2. fortification
  3. protection

Synonyms for munimentum

  • araaltar, protection, refuge
  • custodiacustody, guardianship, protection
  • fidesassurance, belief, confidence, engagement, faith, lyre, promise, protection, reliance, string, trust, trustworthiness, truth, word of honor
  • munimenfortification
  • munitiobridging, defense works, fortification, fortifying, rampart
  • praesidiumaid, assistance, detachment, garrison, garrison troops, guard, protection, safeguard
  • propugnaculumdefense, fortification, rampart, tower
  • tutamendefense, protection
  • tutaminisdefense, protection
  • tutelacare, charge, guard, guardianship, protection, safeguard, tutelage

Similar to munimentum

  • munimenfortification
  • muniagifts, payments, tributes
  • munificatorbestower of gifts
  • munificogratifier, to present with something
  • munificusgenerous, munificent
  • muniobuild a road, defend, protect, to fortify
  • munitafortifications
  • munitiobridging, defense works, fortification, fortifying, rampart
  • munitusfortified
  • mucroa sharp point, dagger point, edge, sword, sword's point