1. blend
  2. mingle
  3. to mix

Phrases with the word misceo

Synonyms for misceo

  • confundoblend, confound, confounding, confuse, destroy, mix, to bring into disorder, to pour together, trouble
  • miscuiblend, mingle, to mix
  • mixtumblend, mingle, to mix

Similar to misceo

  • misfacioharm, hurt, injure, to do wrong to
  • commisceojoin, mix, to intermingle
  • miscuiblend, mingle, to mix
  • missaholy mass
  • missumdispatch, to send
  • arceoenclose, to shut up
  • coerceoconfine, enclose, regulate, restrain, surround
  • doceoteach, to instruct, tutor
  • jaceoto stand
  • liceobe for sale, to be valued at