1. by no means
  2. in the least degree
  3. not at all
  4. very little

Phrases with the word minime

Synonyms for minime

  • haudby no means, no, not at all
  • immoby all means, by no means, nay, on the contrary, should I say
  • nequaquamby no means, in no wise, not at all
  • nequequamby no means, not at all
  • paululumvery little, very small
  • ymoby all means, by no means, on the contrary

Similar to minime

  • miniatusdamaged, decreased, diminished, lessened
  • minimusleast, slightest, smallest
  • micacrumb, grain, morsel, small loaf
  • micansflashing, gleaming, glowing, shining, sparkling, twinkling
  • michinanostril
  • micobe bright, flash, gleam, glitter, palpitate, quiver, shake, shine, sparkle, to serve
  • migruspuny, small
  • milesknight, soldier, warrior
  • miliesa thousand times
  • militarismartial, military, of a soldier