1. average
  2. fair
  3. mediocre
  4. moderate
  5. ordinary

Synonyms for mediocris

  • iustusequitable, fair, just, lawful, proper, right
  • modestusmeek, moderate, orderly, restrained, within bounds
  • modicalimited, moderate, undistinguished, within bounds
  • modicusmeager, ordinary, scanty, undistinguished, within bounds
  • ordinariusaccording to order, ordinary, regular
  • parcuseconomical, moderate, sparing, thrifty
  • profanuscommon, impious, not sacred, ordinary, uninitiated, wicked
  • pulcherbeautiful, fair, fine, handsome
  • pulchrabeautiful, fair, fine, handsome
  • pulchrumbeautiful, fair, fine, handsome

Similar to mediocris

  • medicorcure, to heal
  • medicusdoctor, physician
  • mediemoderately
  • meditarimeditate
  • meditatioconsideration, getting ready, meditation, pondering, practice, preparation
  • meditatusconsider, ponder, practice, to reflect upon
  • meditorconsider, ponder, practice, to reflect upon
  • mediumeveryday life, the common good, the public eye
  • mediuscentral, middle, midst, the middle of
  • meliorbetter