1. charge
  2. command
  3. commission
  4. decree
  5. entrust
  6. instruction
  7. mandate
  8. message
  9. order

Synonyms for mandatum

  • bellicuma signal to march, attack, ce, charge
  • ciminatioaccusation, calumny, charge
  • concursusassembly, charge, meeting
  • consultumdecree
  • crimenan accusation, cause of a crime, charge, crim, fault, guilt
  • criminatioaccusation, calumny, charge
  • curaadministration, care, charge, concern, management
  • decretumdecree, edict, judgment, order, ordinance, principle
  • decursusa running down, attack, charge, completion of a course, downward course, manoeuver
  • doctrinadoctrine, instruction, learning, teaching

Similar to mandatum

  • remandatumreply
  • mancepogive into charge, to sell formally, turn over
  • mancipiumslave
  • mancipoalienate, catch, give into charge, give up, seize, to sell formally, to transfer, turn over
  • mandocommand, confide, entrust, order, to commit, to send word
  • mansuescoto grow mild
  • mansuetudomildness
  • mansuetusgentle, mild, soft
  • mansurusabide, that which will endure
  • laudatumpraise