1. slave

Synonyms for mancipium

  • famulusa servant, servile, serving, slave
  • servusquarrelsome servant, serf, servant, slave

Similar to mancipium

  • mancipoalienate, catch, give into charge, give up, seize, to sell formally, to transfer, turn over
  • principiumbeginning
  • piumdutiful, godly, holy, honest, patriotic, pious
  • mancepogive into charge, to sell formally, turn over
  • mandatumcharge, command, commission, decree, entrust, instruction, mandate, message, order
  • mandocommand, confide, entrust, order, to commit, to send word
  • mansuescoto grow mild
  • mansuetudomildness
  • mansuetusgentle, mild, soft
  • mansurusabide, that which will endure