1. to forsake

Synonyms for linquo

  • derelinquoabandon, desert, to forsake
  • desoloabandoned, foresake, leave, to desert, to forsake, to leave desolate

Similar to linquo

  • lingualanguage, speech, tongue
  • linteohaberdasher
  • linteumlinnen, napkin
  • delinquobe wanting, commit a crime, fail in duty, to fail
  • relinquoabandon, bequeath, forsake, to leave behind
  • derelinquoabandon, desert, to forsake
  • quoto what place, to which place, where, whither
  • aequocontentedly
  • decoquoboil away, melt away, to boil down
  • exaequoequal, make level or even, relate, to be like