1. free
  2. unchecked
  3. unimpeded
  4. unrestrained

Phrases with the word licens

Synonyms for licens

  • effrenusunbridled, unchecked, unrestrained, wild
  • ereptumfree, rescue, take away, to snatch away
  • eripiofree, rescue, take away, to snatch, to snatch away
  • eripuifree, rescue, take away, to snatch away
  • expedituslight, unchecked, unimpeded
  • extricoclear up, disentangle, extricate, free, unravel
  • immunisexempt, free
  • impunitussafe, unpunished, unrestrained
  • ingenuusfree, honorable, noble, upright
  • laxeloosely, unrestrained, widely

Similar to licens

  • libatiolibation
  • libelluslittle book
  • libenswith good will
  • libenterwillingly, with pleasure
  • liberbook, child, free, independent, offspring, unrestricted
  • liberafree, independent, unrestricted
  • liberaliscourteous, generous, gentlemanly
  • liberalitercourteously, generously, honorably
  • liberatioaquittal, liberation, release, setting free
  • liberefrankly, freely, openly