1. agreement
  2. covenant
  3. law
  4. statute

Phrases with the word lex

Synonyms for lex

  • causacase, case at law, cause, condition, interest, law, motive, pretext, reason, situation
  • competentiaagreement
  • compositioagreement, arrangement, composition, pact
  • concordiaagreement, concord, harmony
  • consensioagreement, conspiracy, cooperation, harmony, plot
  • conventioassembly, covenant
  • foederisagreement, compact, covenant, law
  • foedusagreement, alliance, compact, covenant, law
  • iurisbroth, justice, law, right, soup
  • iusbroth, justice, law, right, soup

Similar to lex

  • pollexbig toe, thumb
  • pulexthe flea
  • silexflint, hard stone, rock, sharp
  • supellexapparatus, furniture, gear
  • suppellexfurniture, goods, household articles, ornaments