1. poor
  2. slight
  3. thin

Synonyms for levidensis

  • exilismeager, slender, thin
  • infrequensinfrequent, scanty, thin, thinly populated, uncrowded
  • inopsdestitute, helpless, impoverished, in need, indigent, needy, poor, powerless, wthout resources
  • levisbald, beardless, fickle, inconstant, light, rapid, slight, swift, trivial, unimpotant, unstable
  • macerlean, thin
  • macilentuslean, skinny, thin
  • macrescoskinny, thin, to become lean
  • neglectumslight
  • pauperbeggar, person without means, poor, poverty, with few means
  • penuriosuspenurious, poor, poverty

Similar to levidensis

  • leviculusempty, silly, vain
  • levitasfickleness, groundlesness, inconstancy, levity, lightness
  • leviterlightly, slightly, softly
  • lealioness
  • leanalioness
  • lebesbasin, cauldron, copper kettle
  • ledoannoy, damage, hit, hurt, offend, strike, violate
  • legatariuslegatee
  • legatioembassy, embassy commander, office of ambassador, office of legate
  • legatusambassador, commander of a legion, deputy, envoy, messenger