1. make better
  2. relieve
  3. to mitigate

Synonyms for lenio

  • levodiminish, ease, impair, lift up, polish, relieve, to raise, to smooth, weaken
  • relevoalleviate, lighten, relieve, to lift again
  • subvenioassist, help, relieve, succor, to come to to ones assistance, to come to the aid, to come up to aid

Similar to lenio

  • lenimentusalleviation, impreovement, mitigation
  • lenitasgentleness, mildness, smoothness
  • lenitergently
  • lenitudogentleness, mildness, smoothness
  • leolion
  • legioa selection, chosen body, legion
  • lesiorhetorical attack, wounding
  • legatioembassy, embassy commander, office of ambassador, office of legate
  • letatiojoy, rejoicing
  • levatioalleviation, mitigation, solace