1. bathing tub
  2. edge
  3. lip
  4. rim

Synonyms for labrum

  • aciesarmy, battle, battlefield, edge, keeness, sharpness, wing of a formation
  • ambitusborder, circuit, circumference, edge, extent, going around
  • labialip
  • labiumlip
  • mucroa sharp point, dagger point, edge, sword, sword's point
  • oraborder, boundary, clime, coast, country, district, edge, region, residents of a district, rim, sea

Similar to labrum

  • labascoto give way, totter
  • labeculaa slight stain, minor disgrace
  • labefacioimpair, loesen, to shake
  • labefactodisturb, shake violently, to weaken
  • labefactumimpair, loesen, to shake
  • labefeciimpair, loesen, to shake
  • labelluma little lip, a small washing vessel
  • labesblemish, disgrace, fall, infamy, misfortune, stain
  • labialip
  • labiaelips