1. law
  2. right

Synonyms for jus

  • beneficiumbenefit, boon, bribe, favor, gift, pious donation, privilege, reward, right, service, wages
  • canonicusaccording to the canons, canonical, lawful, legal, right
  • causacase, case at law, cause, condition, interest, law, motive, pretext, reason, situation
  • dexteron the right, right
  • foederisagreement, compact, covenant, law
  • foedusagreement, alliance, compact, covenant, law
  • iurisbroth, justice, law, right, soup
  • iusbroth, justice, law, right, soup
  • iustusequitable, fair, just, lawful, proper, right
  • legisagreement, covenant, law, statute

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