1. brawl
  2. contention
  3. strife
  4. to cause strife

Synonyms for jurgium

  • altercatiodispute, strife
  • certamencombat, conflict, contention, contest, engagement, rivalry of any kind
  • decertatioa contest, contention
  • iurgiumaltercation, brawl, quarrel
  • iurgobrawl, scold, to quarrel
  • litisbattle, contention, dispute, fight, fracas

Similar to jurgium

  • conjugiumwedlock
  • contagiumcontact, contagion, infection, touching
  • iurgiumaltercation, brawl, quarrel
  • minagiumduty of the sale of grain
  • navigiumnavigation
  • praesagiumpresentiment
  • prodigiummonster, portent, prodigy, unnatural thing
  • refugiumrefuge
  • remigiumoar, rowing
  • suffragiumaid, approval support, assistance, church province, franchise, incitement, intercession by saint with god, maintenance, resource, succor, support aid, vote