1. fairly
  2. justly
  3. rightly

Synonyms for iuste

  • scilicetassuredly, certainly, evidently, it is just, namely, no doubt, of course, rightly, that is to say
  • vereactually, in fact, real, really, rightly, true, truly

Similar to iuste

  • iusbroth, justice, law, right, soup
  • iussicommand, tell someone to do, to order
  • iussumcommand, tell someone to do, to order
  • iustadue forms, funereal rites
  • iustitiaequity, fairness, justice
  • iustumwhat is right
  • iustusequitable, fair, just, lawful, proper, right
  • Itego
  • iaceolie dead, lie prostrate, to lie
  • iaciocast, diffuse, hurl, lay, scatter, to throw