1. judge
  2. juror

Phrases with the word iudex

Synonyms for iudex

  • arbitroarbitrate, bear witness, judge, to witness
  • arbitrorarbitrate, bear witness, judge, to witness
  • censorjudge
  • judicojudge, to condemn, to pass judgment, try
  • pendoconsider, esteem, judge, to weigh, value
  • proboapprove, demonstrate, find good, judge, prove, to show
  • putobelieve, consider, judge, settle up, suppose, think, to clear
  • reputoimpute, judge, reflect upon, suppose, think, to believe, to reckon
  • sentioexperience, hold an opinion, judge, suppose, to feel, to perceive, vote

Similar to iudex

  • iubeobid, command, tell someone to do, to order
  • iucunditascharm, pleasure
  • iucundusagreeable, gratifying, pleasant
  • iudiciumdecision, judgment, opinion, trial
  • iudicoconsider, to judge
  • iugecontinuous, perpetual
  • iugiscontinuous, perpetual
  • iugoconnect, couple, to bind together
  • iugosusmountainous
  • iugulumthe throat