1. journey
  2. road
  3. route

Synonyms for itineris

  • iterjourney, road, route
  • viaroad, street, way

Similar to itineris

  • iurisbroth, justice, law, right, soup
  • iaceolie dead, lie prostrate, to lie
  • iaciocast, diffuse, hurl, lay, scatter, to throw
  • iactantiaboasting, bragging
  • iaculatora thrower, javelin man, spear thrower
  • iaculumdart, javelin, short spear
  • iamalready, by now, further, henceforth, immediately, indeed, just, moreover, now, presently, soon
  • iamdiunow for a long time
  • iamdudumnow for a long time
  • ianitordoorkeeper, porter