1. iterate
  2. say again
  3. to repeat

Phrases with the word itero

Synonyms for itero

  • reddoanswer, deliver, hand over, imitate, pay up, recite, render, represent, restore, return, surrender, to give back, to impart, to repeat, translate

Similar to itero

  • Itego
  • iteruma second time, again, once more
  • iuroto make an oath, to swear
  • iureiuroto swear an oath
  • teroto rub, wear out
  • iaceolie dead, lie prostrate, to lie
  • iaciocast, diffuse, hurl, lay, scatter, to throw
  • iactantiaboasting, bragging
  • iaculatora thrower, javelin man, spear thrower
  • iaculumdart, javelin, short spear