1. summon
  2. to invite

Phrases with the word invito

Synonyms for invito

  • accersocall for, fetch, summon, to bring
  • appellomove towards, name, summon, to call, to drive, to land
  • arcessocall for, fetch, summon, to bring
  • postulocontain, demand, impeach, measure, need, prosecute, require, summon, to ask, to complain, try
  • voconame invite, summon, to call, to summon

Similar to invito

  • invicemby turns, each other, mutually, one after the other, reciprocally
  • invideobe jealous of, look upon with envy, refuse, to envy
  • invidiacensure, envy, hatred, jealousy
  • invidusenvious
  • invisoinspect, look at, to go to see, visit
  • invisushated, hateful
  • invitusagainst one's will, unwilling
  • incitohasten, increase, inspire, spur, to excite, to spur on, urge on
  • infestodisquiet, to attack, to molest
  • inretoensnared, entangled, entrapped