1. be jealous of
  2. look upon with envy
  3. refuse
  4. to envy

Synonyms for invideo

  • abnegorefuse, to deny
  • nollerefuse, to be unwilling, wish not to
  • nolorefuse, to be unwilling, to to be unwilling, wish not to
  • noluirefuse, to be unwilling, wish not to
  • quisquiliaegarbage, refuse, rubbish, trash
  • quisquiliarumgarbage, refuse, rubbish, trash
  • renuorefuse, reject, to deny

Similar to invideo

  • inrideomock, ridicule, to laugh at
  • insideobe firmly placed, sit upon something
  • invicemby turns, each other, mutually, one after the other, reciprocally
  • invidiacensure, envy, hatred, jealousy
  • invidusenvious
  • invisoinspect, look at, to go to see, visit
  • invisushated, hateful
  • invitosummon, to invite
  • invitusagainst one's will, unwilling
  • videocomprehend, observe, to see, understand