1. discover
  2. find
  3. to come upon

Synonyms for invenio

  • expiscordiscover, find out, to fish out
  • reperioascertain, devise, discover, find, find again, hit upon, invent, to get again, to meet with
  • utorbenefit or profit from, employ, enjoy, find, possess, to associate with, to take tage of, to use, use, with traits of character, yield to

Similar to invenio

  • insaniorage
  • insignioadorn, distinguish, to put a mark upon
  • inveteratushardened by age, of long
  • inveteroto give duration, to render old
  • venioarise, come about, come to pass, happen, to come, to fall into, to get into a certain state
  • inconveniensdissimilar, not suiting
  • ingeniosecleverly
  • ingeniosusable, adapted, neturally fit, talented
  • ingruoassail, assault, attack, to fall upon, to fall violently upon
  • inhiocovet, desire, to desire, to gape, want, yearn for