1. to entangle

Synonyms for intrico

  • impedioensnare, entangle, hinder, hold fast, obstruct, prevent, surround, to entangle
  • impedoensnare, hinder, obstruct, prevent, to entangle

Similar to intrico

  • inculcoimpress upon, press in, to crowd in, trample in
  • indicoannounce, disclose, make publicly known, to disclose, to enjoin, to proclaim
  • inducoanull, bring in, conduct, cover, decide, erase writing, induce, influence, introduce, lead, persuade, put on clothing, revoke, to bring, to lead, to lead in
  • infuscoblacken, to make dark
  • incalescoglow, kindle
  • infervescobecome hot, to come to a boil
  • ingemiscosigh over, to groan
  • ingravescoa burden, pregnant, to become: heavy, weary
  • inhaerescobegin to cling to, to adhere to
  • inherescobegin to cling to, to adhere to