1. anxious
  2. strict
  3. tense
  4. thorough

Synonyms for intentus

  • austerusrigid, stern, strict
  • districtusbusy, hesitating, severe, strict
  • erectusalert, anxious, cheerful, proud, resolute, standing, upright
  • sollicitusagitated, anxious, concerned, restless, troubled, uneasy, worried

Similar to intentus

  • incontentusnot extended, unstrained, unstretched, untuned
  • intendoaim, aim at, direct, direct one's course, strain, to extend, to stretch, try to prove
  • intentaearnestness, seriousness
  • intentioaccusation, aim, attack, attention, design, effort, exertion, intent, intention, plan, purpose
  • intentorinformant
  • intuswithin
  • incertusdoubtful, hesitant, uncertain, unsure
  • incestuslewd
  • inclituscelebrated, famous, illustrious, renowned
  • inclutuscelebrated, famous, renowned