1. being understood
  2. understanding

Phrases with the word intelligendo

Synonyms for intelligendo

  • intellectusmeaning, understanding
  • intempestivusbeing understood, understanding
  • lumenclearness, lamp, lantern, light, light of day, the eye, understanding
  • sensusfeeling, sense, understanding

Similar to intelligendo

  • intellectumcomprehend, see, to understand
  • intellectusmeaning, understanding
  • intellegocomprehend, see, to understand
  • intellexicomprehend, see, to understand
  • indocause, occasion, to establish
  • incedoenter into, go, march, to awake, to move forward
  • incendoto set fire to
  • incidofall in with, happen, occur, to fall in or on
  • includoenclose, establish a siege, surround, to shut in
  • infindoto cut into