1. cheap
  2. economical
  3. inexpensive

Synonyms for insumptuosus

  • parcuseconomical, moderate, sparing, thrifty
  • vilischeap, mean, worth little

Similar to insumptuosus

  • incuriosuscareless, neglect, negligent
  • ingeniosusable, adapted, neturally fit, talented
  • incessusgait, pace
  • incursusan attack, assault, efforts, impulses
  • infensusagressive, dangerous, hostile
  • ingressusassault, enter, entering, go in, going in, inroad, movement, to step in, walk
  • invisushated, hateful
  • inconcessusforbidden, not allowed, prohibited
  • inconcussusfirm, stable, unshaken
  • inconvulsusundestroyed, unshattered