1. rage

Synonyms for insanio

  • ferveobe excited by passion, boil, foam, glow, rage, seethe, to be boiling hot, to boil
  • furorfrenzy, fury, madness, rage
  • saeviobe furious, rage, take violent action, to rage, to vent one's rage

Similar to insanio

  • insaniafolly, insanity, irrationality, madness
  • insignioadorn, distinguish, to put a mark upon
  • inveniodiscover, find, to come upon
  • insanumfoolish
  • ingeniosecleverly
  • ingeniosusable, adapted, neturally fit, talented
  • ingruoassail, assault, attack, to fall upon, to fall violently upon
  • inhiocovet, desire, to desire, to gape, want, yearn for
  • innuogive a sign to, mean, suggest, to give a nod to, to hint at
  • inruofling in, make an attack upon, to rush in, to rush upon