1. give a sign to
  2. mean
  3. suggest
  4. to give a nod to
  5. to hint at

Synonyms for innuo

  • adjiciomove towards, suggest, to add, to turn towards
  • censeoargue, assess, censui, censum, estimate, evaluate, suggest
  • innuimean, suggest, to hint at
  • innutummean, suggest, to hint at
  • pertinaxfirm, mean, obstinate, persistent, stubborn
  • pusillusinsignificant, mean, petty, puny, tiny, very small
  • suggeroadd, assign, attach, bring to mind, offer, place next, prompt, provide, suggest, supply, to bring up, to excite
  • vilischeap, mean, worth little

Similar to innuo

  • insinuointimate, to insinuate, work one's way in
  • innumeruscountless
  • innutummean, suggest, to hint at
  • ingruoassail, assault, attack, to fall upon, to fall violently upon
  • inhiocovet, desire, to desire, to gape, want, yearn for
  • inruofling in, make an attack upon, to rush in, to rush upon
  • incipiobegin, commence, to take in hand
  • incursioassault, attack, clash, collision, foray, invasion, raid
  • incutioto strike into
  • indigeoneed, stand in need of, to require