1. to inhabit

Synonyms for inhabito

  • incoleredwell, reside somewhere, to inhabit
  • incolodwell, reside somewhere, to inhabit, to reside or cultivate or inhabit

Similar to inhabito

  • inhabilisill, poorly adapted, unmanageable, unsuiited
  • inhabitabilisunfit for man or beast, uninhabitable
  • inhaloto breathe upon
  • habitoabide, dwell, reside, take possession, to dwell, to have frequently
  • incitohasten, increase, inspire, spur, to excite, to spur on, urge on
  • infestodisquiet, to attack, to molest
  • inretoensnared, entangled, entrapped
  • insistofollow, to persist in, to enter upon tread, urge
  • insultoderide, heap scorn upon, insult, revile, to leap at or on
  • invitosummon, to invite