1. generate
  2. implant
  3. to plant

Synonyms for ingenero

  • seminobreed, give rise to, produce, to plant

Similar to ingenero

  • ingerobetake oneself to, inflict, pour forth, to go off to
  • ingeminobe redoubled, increase, repeat, to redouble
  • ingemiscosigh over, to groan
  • ingeniosecleverly
  • ingeniosusable, adapted, neturally fit, talented
  • ingeniuminnate character, nature, talent
  • ingenuitasfrankness, free birth, noble, openness
  • ingenuusfree, honorable, noble, upright
  • generobeget, create, engender, produce, to beget, to engender
  • incurroassail, attack, come upon, raid into, to incur, to run into