1. emptiness
  2. loneliness
  3. scantiness

Synonyms for infrequentia

  • ieiunitasemptiness, hunger, meagerness, poverty
  • solitudodesert, isolation, loneliness, solitude

Similar to infrequentia

  • infregidiscourage, impari, to beak, weaken
  • infremoto growl
  • infrenatuswithout a bridle
  • infrenisunbridled
  • infrenobreak in, check, restrain, to bridle
  • infrenusunbridled
  • infrequensinfrequent, scanty, thin, thinly populated, uncrowded
  • frequentiaa large concourse, crowd, numerous assembly, population
  • inflammatioinspiring, setting afire
  • inflammoinflame, kindle, to set on fire, to torch