1. broken
  2. impaired
  3. weakened

Synonyms for infractus

  • afflictuscast down, distressed, prostrate, ruined, weakened
  • concisusbrief, broken, concise, cut up
  • fragosusbroken, crashing, roaring, rough

Similar to infractus

  • infractioa breaking, infractio aninimi dejection
  • infractumdiscourage, impari, to beak, weaken
  • inflatusblast, blowing into, inflated, inspiration, pompous, puffed up, swollen
  • infletusunlamented, unmourned, unwept
  • infrenatuswithout a bridle
  • infrunitussilly
  • inflammatioinspiring, setting afire
  • inflammoinflame, kindle, to set on fire, to torch
  • inflatioflatulence, inflation
  • inflatiuson a grander scale, too pompous