1. to instruct

Synonyms for informo

  • doceoteach, to instruct, tutor
  • doctumteach, to instruct, tutor
  • docuiteach, to instruct, tutor
  • praecipioanticipate, to instruct, warn
  • praecipoto instruct
  • precipioanticipate, instruct, to anticipate, to instruct, warn

Similar to informo

  • informatioconcept, idea
  • informisdeformed, formless, hideous, shapeless
  • infortunatusunfortunate, unhappy, unlucky
  • infortuniumbad luck, misfortune, punishment
  • infamodisgrace, to put to shame
  • infirmoannull, disprove, invalidate, shake, to weaken
  • insumoget one's wish, obtain one's desire
  • intimoto announce
  • interimokill, slaughter, to slay
  • formofashion, form, to fashion, to shape